Monday, January 12, 2009


Looking through a box of my old folds the other day, I found my first design:

I was quite pleased with it at the time. Looking at it again now, and being much more objective, I can see that the eyes look completely wrong: they stick up over the top of the head. Why didn't I see that before!...So I fiddled with the top of the model and came up with this:

Much more satisfactory... and simpler to fold too. Plus, by shaping the eyes individually, there is scope to alter the expression remembering what Eric Joisel says about symmetrical masks looking "dead".
It's folded from a modified fish base. I diagrammed my first version and am now working on the diagrams for this one. I'm looking forward to uploading these and more of my designs soon.


nick said...

it's amazing how "down time" can improve a model, especially if it's a matter of years. What was then a superb effort reveals glaring naivity after a while. I had a Dracula using a 3x1 rectangle. A couple of years later I managed it from a 2x1 with no loss of detail and finally from a square ;)

Matthew Hayward said...

That's the best excuse for keeping half finished & half baked models under the bed ever! Will have to get a few out and try to remember which way up they're supposed to go...