Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fiore II

My fold of the week is Riccardo Colletto's Fiore II. It looks stunning and has all the components of the very best origami:
  • I has a very fluid, rhythmical folding sequence.

  • It has no RAT (right about there) folds, every one has a reference point.

  • The model is bicoloured, so can have simple elegance or outright colour clashing blousiness

  • It is beautifully simple to fold, in effect a blintzed preliminary (square) base with reversed corners.

  • It has a dramatic finish: from a 2 dimensional easily transportable 'helmet' shape it is pushed inside out and transformed into a fully formed 3D, flower, unlike any origami flower you've ever seen before. 10 out of 10 for WOW factor.

  • When formed, the model has tension. It holds itself together and it's my guess that it would look good for months even in a damp bathroom or on a window sill.

You can find the diagrams on Nicolas Thierry's exhaustive Passion Origami site:

My first post!

The purpose of this new blog is to allow me to record my thoughts on origami, catalogue my ever changing favorite folds and show my modest creations off to the world.
I hope also to encourage other paper folders in my area to share their interest and maybe, who knows, even start some local meetings.