Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fiore II

My fold of the week is Riccardo Colletto's Fiore II. It looks stunning and has all the components of the very best origami:
  • I has a very fluid, rhythmical folding sequence.

  • It has no RAT (right about there) folds, every one has a reference point.

  • The model is bicoloured, so can have simple elegance or outright colour clashing blousiness

  • It is beautifully simple to fold, in effect a blintzed preliminary (square) base with reversed corners.

  • It has a dramatic finish: from a 2 dimensional easily transportable 'helmet' shape it is pushed inside out and transformed into a fully formed 3D, flower, unlike any origami flower you've ever seen before. 10 out of 10 for WOW factor.

  • When formed, the model has tension. It holds itself together and it's my guess that it would look good for months even in a damp bathroom or on a window sill.

You can find the diagrams on Nicolas Thierry's exhaustive Passion Origami site:

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Anonymous said...

Defenitively 10 out of 10 for WOW factor!!!