Saturday, May 3, 2008

Folding by request

This week, I've been asked by some work colleagues to fold a Shi tzu dog, a car and a duck!
The dog was easy as I had just been reading Leyla Torres blog about Paul Jackson's Barking Dog model which showed an attractively folded example and a link to a video by the man himself showing how to fold it.
For the car I dug out an example of Herman van Goubergen's toy car which I had folded a few months ago. Fortunately it was in canary yellow paper, just like my work colleague's car!
For those of you that don't know this model, it is a true original: when finished, you pop a couple of marbles under the bonnet in an integral engine compartment, place the model on a tray and the car moves when the tray is tilted with lifelike smoothness. You can find the diagrams on Alex Barber's site and here is Herman demonstrating his model at the BOS convention in Cambridge last year:

For the duck, I'm still on the lookout, maybe a Montroll or a Kasahara.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew.

Congratulations on your new blog! You will realize that it can become a little addictive. I hope your friend is happy with her new origami barking Shi tzu dog. I will folding Riccardo Colletto's flower. It looks very appealing!